Employee Evaluation Form / Additional Materials

Additional Materials

Employee Evaluation Form: The List of Important Points to Include

Aspect Description
Job Knowledge Assessing whether an employee has adequate knowledge or skills to do the role efficiently.
Work Quality Examines the precision, thoroughness and acceptability of an employee's work output.
Initiative Evaluates the employee’s ability to act and make decisions without the need of supervision.
Communication Skill Measuring the employee's ability to effectively convey and receive information to and from others.
Dependability Examines the reliability and consistency of the employee’s work to meet deadlines.
Teamwork Assesses the employee's ability to respect, be helpful, and collaborate effectively with colleagues.
Adaptability Evaluates how well the employee adjusts to changes at work: alters mindset, tasks, work environments etc.
Problem Solving Assesses an employee's acumen in finding effective solutions to job-related problems.
Leadership Evaluates the ability of the employee to guide, motivate, inspire trust, and support their colleagues or team.